Project Griffinwald: Upcoming "Legion" Server

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Project Griffinwald: Upcoming "Legion" Server

Post by Wedinn on Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:21 pm

Project: Griffinwald

Welcome to our community forums. My name is Wedinn and I am the owner and project manager of Project:Griffinwald, as well as the leader of the server Administration. Project: Griffinwald is an upcoming World of Warcraft "Legion" private server aiming to provide an experience as close to WoW's current incarnation as possible, including, but not limited to:
► Playable Demon Hunters
► Artifact Weapons
► Class order halls
► Open and working "Legion" zones from the newly introduced continent, The Broken Isles.

We believe that it is adequate to introduce ourselves to the community before procceding, so, you can view the current staff roster bellow:

| Project Administrator | Developer | Wedinn - Manages the realm and the team and takes care of core, website, forum and game-related issues
| Lead Game Master | Designer | Felinar / Dwarfpally - Manages the Game Master team under the Administrators' supervision and creates server artwork

You can navigate through our resources right now!

► Website:
► Discord: COMING SOON
► Download the game: COMING SOON


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